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Our Early Learning Programs

We seek to create the foundations for your child as they prepare for big school and life beyond our centre

Your little one begins a life of learning from the moment they open their eyes for the first time. Our age-appropriate early learning programs foster development in children from when they are tiny bubs through to school-age-ready kids.

At Valley Village Early Learning, we strive to give each child the best start to their educational journey by laying the building blocks for social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. Our approach nurtures children from nursery to kindergarten, instilling a lifelong love of learning along the way.

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Setting The Foundations


Encouraging Early Language Use

Interactions with other children and adults are the key to unlocking language skills in the early years of life. That’s why we encourage your child to connect and communicate with others, asking questions and searching for answers together through exploration and experimentation.

Promoting Pre-Literacy Skills

At Valley Village Early Learning, much of our playtime revolves around listening to music, reciting rhymes, and telling stories. These fun and stimulating activities are pivotal in setting the foundation for basic literacy and reading abilities, as well as listening and sound recognition skills.

Social and Emotional Development

As children play together, they learn to communicate their needs, empathise with others’ feelings, control their own emotions, cooperate and resolve conflicts in a fair way. All of these experiences provide invaluable opportunities to foster emotional competence and social bonds.

Sparking Creativity and Imagination

By giving each child the freedom to unleash their imagination, we empower them to discover their own solutions as they encounter and engage with the world around them. Play at this early age is fundamental to igniting curiosity and raising a generation of creative problem solvers.
Our Programs

Exploring The Natural World Together

Our Bush Kinder early learning program promotes wonder and intrigue through the discovery of the natural world. Our educators facilitate enriching opportunities for children to explore the world around them through touch, smell, sight and sound.

We invite children to join us on regular walks around our centre’s surroundings to engage all of their senses. Outdoor discovery-based activities give little learners the chance to refine gross motor skills as they search for bugs, plants and other safe and exciting finds.

Children are also given time to run and play freely in wide-open spaces, creating at will with the natural resources around them and working collaboratively to gather and grow together.

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